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Asprogerakas–Grivas Law Firm was founded in 1958 by Prof. Constantine Asprogerakas–Grivas and has since been considered one of the most prestigious law firms in Greece. For over 60 years Asprogerakas–Grivas Law Firm has been providing firms and individuals with legal representation of the highest quality.

The firm has a history of attracting and producing some of the country's most prominent lawyers and we are proud of our long-standing tradition of professional development and community involvement. Today, the firm's ranks include a number of leaders of the Greek legal community.

A substantial portion of the firm's practice focuses on financial crime both in the public and the private sector. Representation in cases of public corruption, bribery, embezzlement, fraud, tax crime and liability of company’s officers are the main fields of practice of Asprogerakas–Grivas Law Firm for either the complainant or the defending party. The Firm's litigation group has extensive experience in trying major trials in courts across the country and has represented numerous clients before the Supreme Court, the Council of State and the Courts of Appeals. European Union law, intellectual property and human rights are also fields of law in which Asprogerakas–Grivas Law Firm is traditionally dominant.

Our lawyers and experts also provide counseling, negotiation services, representation before public authorities and the issuing of legal opinions.

The Firm is also one of the best-known European firms for representing clients before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Some of the most important rulings of these International Courts have been shaped by us.

Prof. Constantine Asprogerakas – Grivas
Dean of the Democritus University Law School
Founder of the Firm



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Our services comprise representation of both the complainant and the defending party and fully cover all procedural stages including litigation at all degrees, representation before regulatory authorities and financial intelligence units, pre-indictment procedure and extra-judicial negotiations. Furthermore, given the international nature of our cases, our services cover most European jurisdictions, facilitated by our network of highly esteemed associates in the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus and Luxembourg.



Services in cases where we represent the complainant party (those who pursue alleged offenders) include:

  • Criminal lawsuits or complaints addressed to the Prosecution Authorities of European jurisdictions or to the Financial Intelligence Units or Anti-Money Laundering Authorities of European jurisdictions for criminal offences committed against our clients or their businesses. 
  • Petitions/complaints by our clients addressed to Authorities of European jurisdictions requesting the suspension of privacy for bank accounts through which criminal offences against them or their businesses have been allegedly committed.
  • Special requests or official notices served directly to banks for the investigation of suspicious transactions injurious to the rights and interests of our clients.
  • Mutual judicial assistance between Prosecution Authorities of European jurisdictions where cases are being investigated in several countries.
  • The above may include requests for specific procedural acts of judicial or administrative assistance, such as the examination of witnesses or suspects in European countries, the supply of information, documents etc.
  • Requests for extradition.
  • Action involving Europol and Interpol for the issuance of European Arrest Warrants and Interpol Notices.
  • Handling of criminal cases initiated by OLAF (Office Européen de Lutte Antifraude - European Anti-Fraud Office) investigations.


Services in cases where we represent the defendant party (those investigated by the authorities as suspects or accused of the possibility of committing unlawful acts) include:

  • Defence against restrictive measures on bank accounts/reversal of such restrictive measures.
  • Defence against the suspension of bank privacy.
  • Defence during procedural acts of judicial or administrative assistance, such as examining of witnesses, supply of information, supply of documents etc.
  • Defence and representation during acts of criminal procedure taking place in European jurisdictions, such as preliminary investigation, interrogation etc.
  • Defence against requests for extradition.
  • Immediate action where a European Arrest Warrant or an Interpol Notice is issued.
  • Defence and representation of defendants before European jurisdictions and European and international Prosecution Authorities.
  • Complaints against OLAF (Office Européen de Lutte Antifraude - European Anti-Fraud Office) investigations before various EU bodies.

Legal opinions and advices:

Our law firm has a long-standing reputation in issuing respected legal opinions on the subject matters of our field. Our legal opinions may be intended either for official use or as legal assessments addressed to our clients and their lawyers based in foreign jurisdictions as an analysis of the facts and law of particular cases, combined with a concrete plan of proposed action and the prospects for each case.


There is a winner and a loser 

We know how to win.

There is a winner and a loser 

We know how to win.

All these years we succeed


We strongly believe in providing our clients with high-quality, reliable legal assistance when it is needed most, and we always go above and beyond in our efforts to help our clients maximize their recovery. Our achievements speak for themselves. Just in the past five years:


We were present in most of the ongoing “scandal” cases and major cases of public corruption.  We represented and won over 1.000 criminal cases and participated in top-level cases involving former members of the Parliament, Government, and Local Government.   


We provided exclusive criminal representation for the most important corporations in Greece in the fields of banking, finance and investments, shipping, construction, mass media, new technologies, food production & distribution, audio & film productions, digital service providers, telecommunications and many more.


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Senior Team


Senior Team

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