Theodore Asprogerakas-Grivas

Theodore Asprogerakas-Grivas

Theodore Asprogerakas - Grivas is Managing Partner of the firm.

He is a full member of the Athens Bar Association as Attorney to the Supreme Court and a criminal law expert.

He provides legal consultation and representation on all criminal law matters with a further specialization on economic criminal law.

He practices active criminal law litigation on high-profile criminal cases before national Courts, the Supreme Court and the Court of State. He regularly represents similar cases before the European Courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

He has written and published several monographs and articles, mainly on criminal law topics but also on other fields of law.

He is a regular lecturer in seminars, conferences, institutions, academic fora and bodies in Greece and abroad.

He is an active full member of many prestigious Legal Societies, such as the Hellenic Society of Criminal Law, the Society of Greek Criminal Lawyers, the Hellenic Society for Legislation, the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale, the Society of Administrative Studies and others. In April 2022 he was elected Vice-President of the BoD of the Hellenic Society of Philosophical and Historical Research of Law and member of the BoD of the Société Hellénique d’ Informatique Juridique et de Cybernétique du Droit.

He holds two Postgraduate Diplomas and a Master of Arts Degree, both from King’s College London.